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b. I agree that you may cover more numbers on the entire group in order to better see the numbers being used. If there is a special reason for recurring in the system, it is another better choice. Is there any way you can set up these groups? All those wh

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kerala lottery result 20.08.15

Two unnamed lottery players shared the first jackpot of the year in the UK’s Lotto draw on Saturday 20th January. The two lucky winners will each scoop £8.6 million on the winning numbers 2, 10, 19, 28, 29 and 31. A fantastic way to start the new yea

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kerala lottery ss136

If you lose a lottery ticket, don’t panic. Contact the relevant lottery for advice. Their websites will generally state what you need to do. They will know precisely where you bought the ticket and a claim will get processed if you provide the correct inf

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kerala lottery result today 25.8.18

Das was supposed to be attending a picnic with members of his local workers union, but this got cancelled due to heavy rain showers. So, on his way home he happened to pass a very persistent lottery ticket vendor who insisted that this could be Das’ lucky

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kerala lottery result 24/04/2021

It is not clear why Glasgow is the target; authorities expect other areas in Scotland and the rest of the UK to report similar letters. There is no evidence that lottery scams are on the increase. However, we have seen significant changes in tactics over

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