Bloomberg crude oil prices today

Bloomberg crude oil prices today

Because of the plunge at the end of May, crude oil prices are currently barely supported at 65. The main factor currently suppressing crude oil prices comes from the markeBloomberg crude oil prices todayt’s panic that OPEC will increase production. The upcoming OPEC in June has become the focus of current market attention. There was no announcement at the meeting about ending production cuts, which may be able to save the current weak oil prices, but if news of production increases is revealed at the meeting, it may cause a deeper drop in oil prices.

US Treasury Secretary Mnuchin said on the 0th that according to Trump's decision this week, the US Treasury Department will proceed to cut off the source of funds for the Revolutionary Guards, regardless of where the funds come from, and regardless of their ultimate use. He thanked the UAE government for cooperating with the United States on this matter. The U.S. Treasury Department stated on the same day that the U.S. will restart sanctions against Iran that were exempted by the Iran nuclear agreement from August 7.

In order to continue importing Iranian crude oil, Japan begged the United States in June: not to sacrifice the interests of its allies, but the United States turned a deaf ear to it. Japan has also been negotiating with the United States to obtain immunity. Not long ago, after the European Union assisted Iran with 8 million euros, the United States lost its temper to Japan: CEIBS gave Iran blood transfusions, but you absolutely can't! And threatened Japan: Which is important for the stability of the Middle East and the benefits of your Japanese companies? Think about it! The United States said that if Japan does not cooperate, it will include Japan in the sanctions and no exceptions will be allowed.

At present, the turmoil of the United States' withdrawal from the Iran nuclear agreement has not yet subsided, but the situation in the Middle East has become increasingly tense. According to reports, the Israeli army carried out bombings in Syria for about 2 hours from midnight to midnight on the 0th local time.

Summary: Last week, US sanctions against Iran came into effect. The Iranian side responded that Iran’s crude oil trade may bypass the U.S. dollar, and Iran will claim $100 billion from the United States. Where does Iran come from?

This time Trump tore up the IraBloomberg crude oil prices todayn nuclear agreement. Originally, the market thought that Iran would also withdraw from the agreement. According to Iran’s previous attitude, Iran would pick up nuclear weapons again in a short period of time. More conflicts may break out, and besides the United States, many countries in the Middle East have unfriendly relations with Iran, such as Saudi Arabia or Israel. If Iran picks up nuclear weapons, some other countries will inevitably turn on nuclear weapons. Competition, so as not to be unilaterally threatened by Iran in the future, this will undoubtedly increase the global nuclear threat. The United States obviously does not want this to happen.