Sierra Leone crude oil analysis chart

Sierra Leone crude oil analysis chart

The market participants also stated that Iran can effecSierra Leone crude oil analysis charttively fight Trump's sanctions by gaining support from other countries. In fact, Iran has always hoped to expand the export of crude oil. The current national oil price fluctuates between US$60 and US$80. It is impossible for Iran to oppose the increase in production.

Next Monday is the 28th of the month, the domestic product oil price adjustment window will begin again, which is also the last round of price adjustments before the Spring Festival. The market generally expects that gasoline and diesel prices will rise for two consecutive times, and everyone's travel costs during the Spring Festival will increase.

The Times report pointed out that although OPEC and Russia plan to expand oil supply to curb oil prices, there are still doubts about the effect of this increase in production; the details of the increase in production have not yet been finalized, but the scale may be smaller.

The auxiliary indicator MACD shows that there is a golden cross trend under the zero axis of the fast and slow line, the red kinetic energy column is heavy, and the KDJ indicator crosses and diverges upward. From the above signs, it can be concluded that the technical side of crude oil prices has turned to the bullish camp, and oil prices will usher in a counter-offensive market, and investors should not blindly short short.

There are two reasons for the increase in crude oil imports year by year: First, after the implementation of the local refined crude oil import rights and use rights policies, the demand for crude oil from local refineries is increasing rapidly. The second is the implementation of my country's crude oil strategic reserve. The 13th Five-Year Plan shows that by 2020, as the world's largest energy consumer, it will complete the second phase of strategic oil reserve purchases and storage, and will start preliminary work in other storage depots.

The United States recently issued a statement stating that other countries will either reduce the amount of oil imported from Iran to zero or face sanctions by the United States. This statement also increased the tension bSierra Leone crude oil analysis chartetween the United States and Iran. In response, Iran claimed that if the United States imposes sanctions on Iran, Iran will block the Strait of Hormuz, one of the most important oil transportation routes in the world.

As of press time, the international oil price is reported to be US$47/barrel, rising from US$45 to more than US$, and the upward trend is not short-lived. That is to say, international oil prices are likely to rise above the $50 mark within this week, increasing the range and probability of refined oil price increases on the 4th.

The Trans-Mountain oil pipeline expansion project has been shelved and will not have a direct impact on Canadian crude oil transportation, but it casts a shadow over the development prospects of Canadian crude oil and is a huge blow to crude oil investors. Coupled with the fact that US refineries have entered the maintenance phase and imports have shrunk, the backlog of crude oil in Alberta has become more serious in the past two or three months.