West Texas Intermediate Crude Oil Spot Price

West Texas Intermediate Crude Oil Spot Price

On the disk, gold rose quickWest Texas Intermediate Crude Oil Spot Pricely after breaking 1720-25 area last week, and has not been able

exploitation, which brought periodic prosperity to the North American oil and gas industry,

Crude oil, daily chart, crude oil since the bottom of 33.6, stimulated by the news of production reduction and postponement, ushered in the rebound test, the important suppression of 39.3 front-line pressure correction, the continuous deterioration of the epidemic situation caused anxiety about the prospect of crude oil demand, Saudi Arabia and Russia have begun to consider delaying the production increase plan in January next year. This week, the rise of global external markets has driven up the rise of oil prices, and it is difficult to say whether it can be maintained. Technically, weekly K-line received a positive line with upper and lower shadow lines, but the positive line did not stand above the moving average, MACD was dead fork downward under the zero axis, and KD dead fork was passivated without golden fork, and the short position remained unchanged. Although the daily line returns to the previous shock area, the closing line on Friday is not very good. At the same time, the K line is below the moving average, and the MACD short energy column has a trend of secondary volume and empty under the zero axis. Therefore, the technical level is mainly to participate in short positions every high, and the upper pressure levels are 38.3, 39.3 and 40.1,

For the above problems, we will take advantage of the empty list of crude oil, now the real offer trade to take you a look at the long-term trading!

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market remains worrisome. But hurricanes that visit the Gulf of Mexico from time to time can

necessary to pay attention to the risk of oil price falling back, and focus on the support