Crude oil contract

Crude oil contract

Earlier, the National Development and Reform Commission website reported that in May 208, the crude oil output was 5.97 million tons, down 6% from the same period last year; the completed crude oil imports were 9.05 million tons, an iCrude oil contractncrease of 0% over the same period last year. -In May, crude oil imports totaled 900 million tons, an increase of 8% year-on-year.

Russia has set an example for countries around the world after spending $50 billion in Iran's natural gas and oil fields. In the face of American power and hegemonism, the practice of giving priority to the United States and giving priority to the U.S. military has long been disgusted by countries in the world. At present, more than 40 countries in the world have stated their positions and attitudes, and they are undoubtedly a blow to the United States' dream of sanctions against Iran.

Atkinson emphasized that buyers of Iranian oil have 80 days to adjust their purchasing strategy and make other arrangements. We are not sure how much Iran’s exports will fall. We need to see how the United States will enforce sanctions in the coming months.

Reuters believes that the decline in oil prices on Thursday was because investors rushed to take profits. However, the decline in oil prices is not deep, mainly because the market is worried that Venezuela's oil production will further decline, as well as being boosted by the unexpected fall in US crude oil and refined oil inventories last week.

Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif said that he will take the lead in making diplomatic efforts to test whether other signatories can guarantee all the interests of Iran. At the same time, the leaders of Britain, France and Germany issued a joint statement stating that Britain, France, and Germany will continue to abide by the existing Iran nuclear agreement.

Last Sunday, a fire broke out in a warehouse in Baghdad where half of the ballot boxes were located. Iraqi Prime Minister Abadi al-Abadi said that this is a conspiracy to endanger the country and democracy. According to reports by Interior Minister Araji, not a single ballot boCrude oil contractx was burned, but outgoing legislators—especially those who lost seats in parliament—are already calling for re-elections. The coalition that performed well in the May 2 vote also opposed the re-election.

To achieve this goal, Saudi Arabia reduced its output to the lowest level since the implementation of the production reduction agreement in early 207. OPEC’s latest monthly report shows that the country’s April oil production was 9.88 million barrels per day, a decrease of 90,000 barrels per day from its monthly output.

Iran and Venezuela have been the focus of discussions in the crude oil market for some time, and this is likely to be the case in the coming months. Market concerns about supply shortages prompted a rebound in oil prices. Brent crude oil rose to $80 per barrel last week.