Crude oil trading opportunities

Crude oil trading opportunities

In fact, only after a lot of setbacks and lessons learned from failures can traders fCrude oil trading opportunitiesorm their own trading ideas, and the system is to concretize this feasible idea. From this point of view, all trading systems have the same The characteristics of it never leave its origin. Therefore, traders should concentrate on operating in accordance with the existing system signals and constantly repeat the profit model, so that funds can grow steadily.

International oil prices are under rising pressure in the short term, but after a month, they are expected to rebound rapidly. Because OPEC’s production reduction agreement will take effect in the next month, all countries will reduce crude oil production. In addition, Saudi Arabia announced the country’s fiscal status on the 9th. Because of the drop in oil prices, the country’s fiscal deficit will reach 06 trillion riyals, or about RMB 0 trillion. Saudi Arabia said it will try to persuade other oil-producing countries to increase Big reduction in production. In other words, international oil prices are likely to rebound after this month.

On Wednesday, May 9th, 20:00 Beijing time, the US April PPI monthly rate, the US April PPI annual rate, the US April core PPI monthly rate and the US April core PPI annual rate will be announced, which will confirm whether the inflationary pressure in the United States continues. The trend of climbing.

The consulting firm Kpler estimates that there are about 7 million barrels of crude oil on board tankers in northwestern Europe, which is at least the highest since the beginning of 206. Nigerian crude oil is especially rare. It is very rare for Nigerian crude oil to float in the North Sea. This happened in only two weeks in 208 and four weeks in 207. Reid, an economic analyst at Kpler

The oil market will be in a relatively tight state until May 2. At that time, US President Trump must decide whether to continue to abandon sanctions on Iran in accordance with the terms of the nuclear agreement, or to resume the punishment of OPEC's third largest oil producer.

So far, the Iran nuclear agreement has not expired. However, various unfavorable factors are threatening the survival of the comprehensive agreement, especially whether European countries can withstand the pressure of the United States and continue to maintain normal economic exchanges with Iran. FCrude oil trading opportunitiesirst of all, we can look at the attitudes of all aspects.