Factors affecting crude oil prices

Factors affecting crude oil prices

After abnormal fluctuations in the spot crude oil and other inFactors affecting crude oil pricesvestment markets, we can use our trading model to prepare for new changes. The abnormal fluctuation is like the sound of a charge horn during a battle, telling us to start action. As for how to act, everyone can take action that suits them.

Summary: On Monday, July 9th, the Asian market in early trading, oil prices rose. Global oil production is expected to remain at the forefront of the crude oil market this week, and was suppressed last week due to signs of rising oil production in Saudi Arabia and the United States.

Earlier, there were reports that oil-exporting countries had planned to increase production. This result was also hinted in the monthly report of the International Energy Agency (IEA) on June. The IEA said that multiple statements suggest that actions to increase supply may be coming soon.

The weak US demand for energy will also play a role in the US becoming a net exporter. It is estimated that by 2050, energy consumption in the United States will only grow by 0.4%, while the expected economic growth rate is 2%. If the forecast is true, 2022 will be the first year since 1995 that US energy exports exceed imports.

Trump has been dissatisfied with oil prices before and asked OPEC to lower oil prices. Saudi Arabia is an ally of the United States and OPEC's elder brother, so this task fell on Saudi Arabia. Thanks to Saudi Arabia’s help, oil prices have dropped, but the decline cannot be stopped, which has also affected Saudi Arabia itself.

With the recent surge in crude oil prices, Saudi Arabia hopes to set oil prices at US$00 per barrel, but if oil prices rise so high, it may sow the seeds of the next round of economic downturn, and a new round of oil crisis may followFactors affecting crude oil prices. Come.

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