tesoro crude oil market analyst

tesoro crude oil market analyst

This project is located in Liaoning Province and is jointly signed by Saudi Aramco, Weapon and Panjin Intesoro crude oil market analystdustry. The three parties have invested more than 69.5 billion yuan, and the shareholding ratios are 5%, 6% and 29% respectively. In other words, the total holding is 65%, making it the largest shareholder of the project.

Barclays also raised its oil price forecast for this year and the next, saying that as Venezuela's production has fallen sharply, and the resumption of US sanctions on Iran may cause more supply disruptions, the oil market may tighten further in 209 and 2020.

However, analysts believe that crude oil will continue to rise in the short term. Firstly, the supply of Libya and Venezuela will be damaged and the United States will impose sanctions on Iran. Then the recent resumption of trade talks between the United States and the United States and the attack on Saudi oil tankers will also be a major factor in the rise of oil prices. thrust

Venezuelans are busy closing shops while listening to Maduro’s crazy new measures. There are thousands of Venezuelans crossing South America by bus, causing one of the most serious immigration crises in the country’s history. . The police of the Roraima state in northern Brazil stated on August 8 that a conflict between local residents and Venezuelan refugees occurred in the border city of Pakarema that day, and therefore suspended the border closure. A total of about 2,000 Brazilians participated in the protests that day, expelling Venezuelans from the temporary shelters for refugees, some facilities in the shelters were destroyed, and the belongings of Venezuelan refugees were burned. After the incident, many Venezuelan refugees chose to return to Venezuela.

This also shows that before the current round of refined oil price adjustment window is opened, if the international oil price drops below the $45 mark and approaches the floor price of $40, then the decline in refined oil products on February 28 may fall by more than RMB 00/ton.

Foreign media survey results show that OPEC crude oil production contintesoro crude oil market analystued to decline in April. Due to the continuous decline in Venezuelan crude oil production, the country's crude oil production has fallen from nearly 2.5 million barrels per day in early 206 to about 500,000 due to the impact of political turmoil and economic crisis. Barrels per day, and this downward trend has not changed, which has brought effective support for oil prices.

This month, the price of oil jumped to more than US$80 per barrel. This was driven by two major events: First, the output of OPEC member Venezuela fell sharply, and the country’s economic and political crisis hit the state-owned Venezuelan oil company hard; the second was the United States. The possibility of re-sanctions on Iran, which is OPEC’s third-largest oil producer, has aggravated concerns about the rapid tightening of the oil market.

With the steady recovery of oil prices, the US shale oil and gas is about to usher in the second round of production explosion after 200 years, leading non-OPEC oil-producing countries to meet global demand growth together. Neil Argensen said that in 202 OPEC reserves may be less than 2% of global demand, and the traditional crude oil supply order is being reshaped.