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The decline in crude oil prices has been attributed to various factors including the UK referendum to leave the European Union, reduced demand for crude oil and alleviating concerns about supply disruptions. In fact, momentum trading with traders chasing

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Trump said in Japan that the disappearance of Khashoggi was very likely to be instigated by Saudi Arabia. If this is the case, the United States will take strong and effective measures against Saudi Arabia. Some members of the US Congress called on the Wh

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The important export terminal of the Libyan National Petroleum Company is again controlled by armed groups, which makes the countrys export level more uncertain. At the same time, Canadas largest oil sands facility experienced production problems, which h

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In addition to US shale oil, the market is also worried that other major oil-producing countries will increase crude oil production. Russian Energy Minister Novak reiterated on Friday that OPEC+ will discuss the relaxation of restrictions at the June meet

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Earlier, the National Development and Reform Commission website reported that in May 208, the crude oil output was 5.97 million tons, down 6% from the same period last year; the completed crude oil imports were 9.05 million tons, an increase of 0% over th

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Brent crude oil fell by US$0.26 to US$795 per barrel. The global index contract hit US$797, the highest since July. US crude oil fell 0.4 dollars to 65 dollars a barrel. Last week, Brent crude oil rose 6% and US crude oil rose%.Bank of America Merrill Lyn

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Todays crude oil price has recorded two consecutive positives on the daily line. The API monthly report shows that the US crude oil demand in May hit the highest year-on-year period. This indicates that the supply and demand relationship in the crude oil

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In fact, only after a lot of setbacks and lessons learned from failures can traders form their own trading ideas, and the system is to concretize this feasible idea. From this point of view, all trading systems have the same The characteristics of it neve

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After abnormal fluctuations in the spot crude oil and other investment markets, we can use our trading model to prepare for new changes. The abnormal fluctuation is like the sound of a charge horn during a battle, telling us to start action. As for how to

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India’s Minister of State for Oil and Natural Gas Pradan stated at the 6th International Energy Forum Ministerial Meeting on April 2 that India and plans to jointly use their purchasing power to influence crude oil pricing. The Economic Times of India sai