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Once losses occur, they are often reluctant to stop the loss and take up positions. This kind of thing happens too much. In fact, once you find that the direction of the market does not match the direction of your entry, it proves that your analysis is wr

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Reuters quoted two OPEC sources as saying that the OPEC secretariat in Vienna has drafted a response plan for the end of the production reduction plan, which includes a variety of different options, and discusses what the plan will look like before the en

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The production restriction agreement has helped the oil market rebalance in the past eight months, and has allowed oil prices to rise from US$27 per barrel in 206 to US$75 per barrel. This agreement was supposed to last until the end of 208, but after Tru

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In addition, the Feds economic Beige Book released later, although it still conveys a optimistic stance on the US economy. However, the report also stated that although production activities in US factories accelerated in late April and early May, there w

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At the same time, its statement on the oil issue also has forward-looking guidance for other OPEC members, which provides a guarantee for oil supply. The only factor of uncertainty is that at the June meeting, the other 22 member states may have objection

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US President Trump said last week that North Korea’s progress is very optimistic, and that the Special Gold Conference in Singapore on June 2 is the beginning. The meeting with Kim Young-cheol, vice chairman of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party…

U.S. crude oil off the target list

Oil said in its earnings report on Tuesday that OPECs recent developments will determine Russias crude oil production in the second half of this year. But the company cannot control how OPEC will develop and whether the organization can make strong decisi

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As investors, you should not expect any data to have the same volatility. Any data has low and peak seasons. We must pay attention to the data but do not rely on the data. We should have our own principles and methods of ordering and trade rationally.The